inseam (inseam) wrote,

camp kiddo

Kidden here! Dor'thy took me camping a few weeks ago. I didn't get to go to the beach with her, but I got to explore in the woods a lot!

it's a mossy STUMP! lalalalalalaLA!

uhh, I dunno why dor'thy took this picture of my boots. they are nice boots though, aren't they?

hey! it's a critter hole! I didn't get to see any critters though.

I found the PERFECT stick for marshmallows

and then I found this wild twisty vine thing to climb on

the next day I decided to play in the sand

I made a house for wilbur and fern

and then played GIANT and CRUSHED it!

camping is fun becuase you don't have to brush your teeth as much or even change your underwear!
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